Posted on April 27, 2017

There are generally two reactions when you tell your mum you want to work abroad, a roll of the eyes or a flurry of panic.

Prepare to be met with an influx of questions as well; how are you going to afford it?  Who are you going with?  What did they do for their GCSEs??  What colour is their front door???  I don’t know what it is about mother’s and their obtuse questions, but you can never be prepared for what they’re going to ask.  If you haven’t already, download our handy info pack on working abroad, it’ll help if you give the ‘rents something they can read through with a nice cup of tea.  Here’s Summer Takeover’s top tips to break the news;

Ease them into the idea

A great opener might be “Do you remember when I went to Kavos last summer?” and they will hopefully remember that you made it home in one piece.  Probably best not to use this one if you came home in a cast/with any memorable injuries.  “I was thinking about heading out for a little longer this year…”

Be honest

This is not the time to bluff them that you were thinking of doing 14 nights this year instead of 7, and then just happening to miss your imaginary flight home.  It’s a good idea to do your research on why working abroad is different to an extended holiday (see our blog to get a better idea), this should reassure them that you aren’t going out with the intention of completely obliterating your liver for weeks on end.

Show you’ve thought it through

One of their main concerns will probably be the financial element.  At the very least, they’re going to want to know that they won’t need to bail you out at some point.  Plan how you’re going to afford the package, flights and spending money etc so that you have a reasonable answer when they ask.  Believe me, they will ask.  The more realistic this is the better, don’t tell them you’re planning on saving £100 a week when you’re on an 8 hour contract at work – they’ll see through this one pretty instantly.

Highlight the benefits

What do you hope to gain from working abroad?  Obviously, you’re out there for one reason and one reason only – to have as much fun as possible!  But as parents, their main aim is to raise you into a responsible and well rounded individual, so play on this.  You’ll develop life skills, you’ll get to experience another culture, and you think working abroad will look really good on a CV.  It will, right?

Promise to stay in touch

As I left for my first season, my mother had one request; text her once a day to reassure her that I was still alive and well.  If they’re the nervous sort, the promise of a daily phone call might be more appropriate – probably a good idea to stick to this one…

Reassure them you’re in safe hands

We only use the best accomodation for our workers, and there are safes available should you wish to make use of them.  Our experienced and dedicated Rep team are on hand 24/7 (they stay in the same accomodation) – it’s their job to guide you through the process so that you can have the Summer of a lifetime.

Of course, an extra reassurance will be letting them know that you’re going with Europe’s number one work abroad company.  Not only have we taken thousands of workers abroad today, we’re also UK registered and your payments are protected by VISA and Stripe.  Simples.

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