Summer Jobs For Students

Here’s how Summer Takeover can help students get jobs abroad.

Want to maximise your Summer?
Look no further...

With the Summer break looming ahead, many students are wondering how they might spend their time wisely. Here's how Summer Takeover can help students get jobs abroad.

Perhaps you're a language student wanting to flex your linguistic muscles and immerse yourself in a culture. You're an ideal candidate.

What Summer Jobs can Students Apply For?

Nothing is off limits in this scenario, you're eligible to take your pick from the roles on offer at Summer Takeover. If you study languages, it might be a nice idea to try restaurant work. This will give you a chance to speak to locals in a more relaxed environment (shouting hablas español whilst serving someone a mojito in a busy bar can be problematic).

Drama and theatre students will be perfect fits for dancing/hostess roles at some of the VIP clubs, but if you're confident and have the gift of the gab we would definitely recommend shot-selling or ticket selling. There’s B-I-G money to be made in commission based roles, so get chatting.

What Summer Jobs can Students Apply For?

It's easy enough to do a quick Google search "Summer jobs near me", but easy is never fulfilling.

Between picking up a few hours at the local pub to a few months return to the retail job you had at school, Summer jobs at home will fill your pockets easily enough, but you'll probably spend that money trying to forget the monotony of it come the end of your shift. It might seem like a scary decision, but it's one you'll be so happy you made. Work abroad this Summer, no regrets!

We're firm believers in working hard and playing hard: time to work somewhere that'll enhance your Summer (and your tan).

On a like for like basis, jobs in the resorts pay better than their UK equivalent. Expect to earn €50+ per shift, all with the added benefit of being somewhere sunny. Finishing work and heading straight to the beach is a much better deal than home to tidy your room.

Six reasons to work aboard

For jobs that fall outside of term time, working abroad is ideal and can be adapted to fit most course timetables. Depending on your exam timetable, you could be in resort as early as April/May - stay for one monthor the entire season, it's up to you!

Our package involves 4 full weeks of accomodation, arranged job trials and help and support from our experienced reps.

They'll be able to guide you through the process and help you make the most of your working abroad experience. It's no surprise that our guests return year on year, and for some this might be the last chance to make use of your Summer break.

For a break from the books like no other, you can experience the madness of one of our amazing resorts with plenty of like-minded Summer Takeover workers. You'll get the chance to speak to your future crew before heading away - and the welcome week is very similar to freshers (so bring plenty of, er, paracetamol).