Everything you need to know about working in Zante summer 2020.

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What to expect in Zante

Zante is a little haven, with beautiful beaches and scorching dry heat. WIth a transfer time of only ten minutes, it’s certainly the most convenient resort. The time from stepping off the plane and relaxing with a cheeky cocktail is minimal!

With low prices, and high temperatures, sun worshippers that want to get the most from their money should walk this way. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s our only resort with a turtle sanctuary - perfect fodder to ease a hangover.

What type of people get jobs in Zante?

This is an ideal starter resort for anyone that hasn’t worked abroad before. Typically drawing a younger crowd thanks to the cheap prices and happy go lucky vibe, you’ll find it easy to get to find jobs in Zante, get to know everyone and get to grips with island life. Workers are in really high demand here, so you’ll have a job sorted in no time.

The majority of Summer Takeover guests travel solo, so if you’re nervous about heading out on your own don’t panic! Once you’ve secured your place you’ll be added into a private Facebook group, and given login details for our very own workers social network, SummerSphere, so you can get chatting to all the other guests before you go.

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What type of jobs are available in Zante?

Most jobs available in Zante will revolve around the nightlife, such as Bar work, Restaurant work, Ticket Selling etc. If you fancy your chances at being able to make some decent commission, Shot selling or Balloons are definitely the way forward. Check out our jobs tab for the full range of job opportunities and further information!

When is the best time to go to Zante?

Early Zante workers are our first guests to head off, dates run from April to July, but you can stay on for the closing parties - we’ll help you secure further accommodation when you’re out there. If it’s your first time working abroad, we recommend going out earlier, it’s easier to get your bearings when it’s a little quieter than to jump in at the deep end mid season!

What are the wages like in Zante?

The average wage is between €30-50, this is absolutely plenty when you consider that a beer or a vodka will be around €3, and Zante measures are generous!

Bare in mind - this doesn’t include tips and commission, so turn up the charm and you’ll have more money than you know what to do with...

How many hours a day will I be working in Zante?

Hours and shifts will vary depending on your job of choice. Ticket sellers can expect to be out enhancing their tan on the job, whilst bar workers will obviously start later. The average shift is between 4-6 hours, this leaves you with plenty of time to go on a turtle spotting excursion, visit the waterpark, or go for a round of mini golf!

As the pay is so good and the shifts are so short, most of our Summer Takeover crew work every day to maximise their earnings. See our jobs tab for more information. Work hard, play harder...

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How do I find jobs in Zante?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to trawl the strip with a batch of CVs to find jobs in Zante. The beauty of going abroad with Summer Takeover is we do all the legwork, our dedicated team of reps will help you find a job just like they have done with the 1000s of workers in previous years.

Not only can they provide detailed information about all the bars, clubs, restaurants and events that are recruiting staff, they’ll make sure you know when recruitment days are on and will get trial shifts setup on your behalf. All you have to do is show up, and put in a good shift!

We’ve been building relationships with employers in Zante for years now, we know what sort of people they like to work with and what a potential employee can expect from them in return. Your dream job is waiting…

What happens when I arrive in Zante?

Our reps will meet you at the hotel to get you all settled in to work in Zante. This is when the party begins - treat this first week as the holiday part of your working abroad experience. Between welcome meetings, Summer Takeover bar crawls, epic parties and sightseeing you won’t have a spare moment!

We’ll begin proceedings with a good old knees up - you can get to know your fellow workers and plan anything special you want to do in the welcome week. Between a CherryBay weekender, Rescue Club and Pure BeachClub you’ll be able to suss out your favourite spots, and more. When you’re ready to shake off the hangovers we can explore Laganas beach, and all the other beautiful sights Zante has to offer...

By day six you’ll be starting into your job trials, get the champagne on ice as you should be celebrating an offer by that evening! Congratulations, you’ve officially been initiated into worker life; time to make the most of your summer in Zante and #LiveTheDream.

What happens after my first month with Summer Takeover?

After the initial 28 days you’ll have the option to extend your stay in our accommodation at a discounted rate, or our devoted reps can assist in finding alternative accommodation if you’d prefer.