Posted on January 23, 2018

What are the benefits of working abroad?  Is working abroad for me?  How do I know if I’ll like living in another country?

Making the decision to work, live and play in another country takes balls – make no mistake about that.  But in terms of decisions you make about what to do with your life, you can be pretty sure that this is one that’s gonna pay off in a big way.  Thousands of people before you took the plunge, and it’s no coincidence that they return again and again each summer.

We have relationships with top employers such as Ocean Beach, Cherry Bay and more – when you choose to work abroad with Summer Takeover you’re basically getting yourself on the Guestlist for top jobs.  Like they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know…

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Okay, fair enough, we know people.  But what really makes Summer Takeover the best working abroad company?

There are plenty of reasons.  We’re the most reputable (go on, compare the website with our competitors, we’ll wait.)  We’re the biggest – and we haven’t necessarily been around the longest either.  This will be our sixth year in the cut throat working abroad industry, so what is it that sets us aside from the competition?

We are committed to ensuring that our guests have an amazing experience, and we leave no detail to chance.  From before you even apply to work abroad with us we’re here to provide as much information as we can so that you can make an informed decision – after all, it’s not one to be taken lightly.  Offering expert advice before, during and after, you can forget about the small details and concentrate on the important things; making new friends and having an amazing time.

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Interesting then, that we’re also the cheapest.  We’ve established incredible relationships with the hotel owners over the years, securing eye-wateringly competitive prices for Summer Takeover guests.

The most reputable, most established, and also the cheapest.  What more can you want?

God, you’re a tough crowd.  Why should you work abroad with Summer Takeover?  We’ll level with you here.  Chances are our guests aren’t that bothered that we’ve got the most experience.  Price might come into it, but the real reason?

It’s the people.

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When you work abroad with Summer Takeover you get to meet your new Summer crew months before you’re due to step on a plane.  The chance to get to know your future family is invaluable – it can ease nerves, nurture new relationships, and create a bond that’s only going to go from strength to strength.  Once you’ve secured your space, you’ll be added into a private group that is strictly for confirmed Summer Takeover guests.  Get chatting, scope out the talent, find out who’s arriving at the same time as you and more.  It’s not uncommon for Summer Takeover guests to meet before they travel – any excuse for a night out, ey?

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Or, if your mind is made up… Book Here.  (We dare you)

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