Posted on August 14, 2017

Starting to get itchy feet?  We’ve all been there, sometimes the universe just needs to give us a little nudge towards living the dream.  Read on for 8 Signs It’s Time to Work Abroad…

1.  You constantly daydream about being somewhere warmer

If your ‘Discover’ page on Instagram is full of infinity pools and pristine beaches, and every email about discounted flights makes your heart drop, it’s time to go.  Looking back on holiday pictures, you’re jealous of your own tan.  Let’s face it, 9 minutes on the sunbed isn’t going to cut it – you know yourself you need to be laying on a beach with a stupidly low factor on to achieve that glow…

2.  You can’t think of anything more depressing than another British “Summer”

As lovely as a Rekorderlig in a pub garden is, it’s not really the sort of thing you can look forward to for a full week at work.  With sunny days few and far between, the thought of heading away is all too tempting.  You know a week isn’t going to cut it either, that’s a downright tease.  What you need is four weeks, minimum, to clear your head and remember what life is about.

3.  You want to try something new

Does it feel like you do the same thing, week in, week out?  You’re living for the weekend, but every weekend is the same?  Time to change the scenery then!  A fresh location full of new faces does wonders for the soul, there’s always that one summer that changes you…

4.  You’ve already bought a bikini

If the holiday section of Topshop has been screaming out to you all winter, and you may have accidentally already purchased something from the Summer 2017 collection, it’s time to just give in and pick your resort…

5.  When someone tells you their holiday plans, you have to force yourself to smile through the jealousy

It’s hard to focus on the conversation in hand when your mind is racing, thinking of how much fun you could be having if it were you jetting off.

6.  You have to fight the urge to #TB all your holiday pictures on Instagram

We all rolled our eyes at the friend throwing it back to Ibiza mid-December, but you’re getting itchy thumbs and are trying to hold back the hashtag.  Time to take some fresh snaps…

7.  You’ve just had a break up

Khloe Kardashian had the revenge bod, why don’t you have the revenge lifestyle?  The best way to get over someone is to have so much fun that you forget they even exist, and there’s no better place than somewhere sunny to kickstart the rest of your life.   My ex asked me, “Where you movin’?” I said, “On to better things”

8.  You want to tell your boss where to shove it

Sick of their snooty face as they make pointed comments about targets?  Does the thought of more paperwork make you want to claw your eyes out?  Or are they still bringing up that time you rang in sick, four months ago…  If the sight of your boss makes your skin crawl, just think how good it’ll feel when you hand in your resignation, knowing they’ll be stuck in the same place whilst you’re having the time of your life.  It’ll feel good, it’ll feel really good.

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