How much money will I need?

Which Resort?

For budget conscious guests, deciding which resort you want to go to is crucial. Here’s our ranking, from most expensive to least;

Resort Pricing

Our resorts ranked from most expensive to least expensive

For more value for money, choose from Zante, Kavos or Malia. These resorts typically draw in a younger crowd - so perfect for first timers, and you’ll get plenty of change from a ten euro note when buying a drink.

Marbella, Ibiza and Magaluf can be a bit pricier - it all depends on how you plan on spending your free time. For budget friendly nights out, hit the strip rather than the superclubs for drinks deals and make the most of workers discounts. With special rates for Summer Takeover guests on events across the resorts, with a bit of forward planning you’ll be able to do it all. Be sensible, don’t spend your wage packets on VIP packages, try not to spend €50 on bottled water in the big clubs, and you can even come home with savings...


A major benefit to working abroad in one of our fabulous resorts is the earning potential, you have the opportunity to make a serious amount of money while having the time of your life. It really is your chance to #LiveTheDream, so what are you waiting for?

With such short shifts, most of our workers partake in daily shifts to maximise their income. As a result of this, it’s not uncommon to come home with savings, especially when you’re making the most of our exclusive Summer Takeover Workers’ discounts across the resort!

If you’re ready to flash the cash and drop money on beds at some of the swankiest beach clubs, be our guest. If cheap fishbowls and drinks deals on the strip are more your thing, we don’t blame you. There’s a resort for everyone, and the wages are representative of the cost of living.

Spending Money

We always recommend taking a minimum of £400 out to the resort with you, just in case. Not only will it keep your mum happy, it’ll keep you going until your first payday - and you should have a little leftover for emergencies.


1. Ask your Reps where the best deals are, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction for anything from cheap food and drink to workers guest list.

2. Don’t be shy - if you don’t ask you don’t get! Always check if there are workers discounts available, make friends with as many PRs as you can, and the rest will follow.

3. Book tickets in advance, don’t be scared to haggle on prices. It usually helps to do this as a big group, so round up your crew!

4. Look for free activities that you can do during the day, there’s plenty to do in each resort and it’ll leave you with more spare cash for the all important night time gigs and events

Ibiza Tip

Get familiar with the Disco Buses. Yes, they’re warm, sweaty, and full to the brim with tourists and workers alike, but for €3 from San Antonio to Playa D’en Bossa you can’t really complain...

Magaluf Tip

Wages in Magaluf are the highest of all our resorts, and for once this doesn’t mean that the cost of living shoots up. Food and drinks will be easy on your wallet - meaning you can live like a king for less.

Ayia Napa Tip

Three words; Unlimited Drinking Bars. For a set price, drink away until your heart’s content for anything from one to four hours. These can be very dangerous so approach with caution!

Zante Tip

If you want to make a solid investment for the summer, get your hands on a season pass for Tidal. A not-to-be-missed boat party with world class pyrotechnics, guest DJs and celebrity appearances, this one will pay for itself...

Kavos Tip

If you want a cheap drink on the strip that’s sure to get you buzzed, look out for ‘Head-F***ers’. They might not make for a friendly hangover but they’ll definitely be kind on your wallet...