Tenerife Nightlife

The ultimate guide to the bars, clubs, events and nightlife scene in Tenerife.

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Tenerife Clubbing Guide 2024: Your Ultimate Guide To Tenerife Nightlife

Welcome to the Ultimate Tenerife Clubbing Guide for 2024! If you're planning to work in Tenerife for the summer season or planning a holiday visit, Tenerife could be the ideal place for you. Tenerife is known for its vibrant partying scene, and we're here to help you make the most of it.

Before we dive into the best clubs and parties, let's explore what makes this Island the go-to destination for summer fun and work opportunities. As the largest of the 7 Canary Islands, you may recognise the island of Tenerife as the home of non-stop partying and vibrant nightlife.

The Tenerife Clubbing Experience In 2024

Tenerife is well known for its two main areas summer workers tend to choose between. There is the famous Playa De Las Americas or Los Cristianos, both bustling with bars and all-night partying. You’ll be lost in a party atmosphere, it may take you the full season or holiday to experience everything this Island has to offer.

From the best beach bars to the most sought-after boat parties, we’ll give you the places you’ll not want to miss.


If you haven't heard about Veronicas, then you’re about to find out the epicentre of entertainment on this vibrant Canary Island. At a huge 300-metre-long, Veronicas strip it is home to numerous nightclubs and bars, most of which continue well into the early hours of the morning. But when the sun goes down, the atmosphere shifts into high gear, as Verónicas comes alive with music, laughter, and dancing. From live music to themed parties, this bustling stretch offers something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to experience the best bars in Tenerife.

The Patch

Located a short walk east along the coast from Veronica, ‘The Patch’ is an area renowned for its less energetic and boisterous scene than Veronicas. The area is home to dozens of bars, restaurants and even a nightclub. Live entertainment, quizzes, Karaoke and comedians all feature strongly in this area, so if you are looking for some good live music, you are certain to find something to suit your taste.

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Tips and Advice

If you're gearing up for an unforgettable summer working abroad with us, we've got some handy tips to make your adventure even more incredible. First off, you'll find plenty of taxis around, and they won't break the bank – plus, they accept both cash and card, making getting around a breeze. And while scooters can be a blast for exploring the area, we'd recommend resisting the temptation to hire one for late-night rides home; safety first, folks! For a fun day off, hop on the free bus to Siam Park, the ultimate waterpark experience.

Tenerife nightlife FAQs

  1. What is the legal drinking age in Tenerife?

    The legal drinking age in Tenerife is 18 years old. Make sure to bring a valid ID if you plan to visit bars or clubs.

  2. What are the popular nightlife areas in Tenerife?

    Tenerife's nightlife is a diverse and lively affair, with several key areas offering unique experiences. Playa de las Américas is the ultimate party destination, where you'll discover a bustling hub of bars and nightclubs, including the famous Verónicas Strip, home to Tramps, Linekers, and Papagayo Beach Club. Just south, Los Cristianos offers a more relaxed nightlife scene, with beachfront bars and live music venues. Meanwhile, Costa Adeje caters to those seeking upscale entertainment, boasting high-end bars and clubs within luxury hotels and resorts. Venues like Monkey Beach Club and Lava Lounge provide a sophisticated atmosphere for a memorable night out. Whether you're into energetic nightlife or prefer a more laid-back evening, Tenerife has something for everyone.

  3. What time do the bars and clubs typically open and close in Tenerife?

    Tenerife knows how to keep the party going for those of us who like to burn the midnight oil. Clubs here kick into high gear around 10 pm and don't call it a night until 4-6 am – so you've got plenty of time to dance your heart out.

  4. Is there an entrance fee for clubs in Tenerife?

    Some clubs don't charge for entry, especially during quieter times. But for the hotspots, expect to pay a few euros to around 20 euros or more. Keep an eye out for deals or group discounts. The best bet? Check with the club or ask locals for the inside scoop.

  5. Are there dress codes for clubs in Tenerife?

    You’ll generally find that each club will have its own dress code, there are some items of clothing that you can pretty much avoid for most venues. In general, if you're wearing sneakers, sandals or flip-flops you won't be allowed in most clubs.

  6. What is the typical music played in Tenerife clubs?

    The music scene in Tenerife is diverse, so you can usually find a club that suits your musical preferences, whether you're into the latest chart hits, House Music , R&B or Latin rhythms.

There you have it—the ultimate Clubbing Guide for 2024. Whether you're working abroad or just seeking adventure, nightlife in Tenerife promises unforgettable experiences. Get ready to dance the night away, soak up the sun, and make memories that will last a lifetime.