Kavos Nightlife

The ultimate guide to the bars, clubs, events and nightlife scene in Kavos.

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The Kavos Nightlife Guide 2024

Kavos is a lively resort town (although it’s technically a village) located on the Greek island of Corfu. It’s one of Europe’s most popular party spots and with its sunny Mediterranean climate, there’s no better place to spend your summer.

Most of the action takes place on the main strip, which features a plethora of nightclubs playing all kinds of music. To ensure you have an unforgettable trip, knowing how to navigate Kavos’ wild nightlife is key – which is where this guide comes in.

Where is the Kavos Strip?

Kavos is a seaside village located on the southern tip of Corfu. It’s fairly small and is dominated by the main strip, which runs right through the village. The strip is the hub of nightlife in Kavos – here you’ll find the majority of bars, clubs and pubs that the resort has to offer.

It’s difficult to go anywhere in Kavos without encountering the strip, so your nights out will almost certainly be based around it. And that’s a good thing – the strip is full of lively bars and clubs that stay open till the sun rises, so you can dance the night away without a care in the world.

Kavos Clubs

Kavos Sports Bars and Live Music Venues

Kavos Beach Bars

Cocktail Bars, Pubs & Karaoke

Tips and Advice

If you’re planning a trip to Kavos, be aware that it’s a popular summer destination so the sooner you book your accommodation, the better. It’s also a bit smaller than some other party holiday locations, which makes it much easier to get around – but make sure this is the vibe you’re after to avoid disappointment.

When you first arrive in Kavos, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the strip (after dropping your bags off of course). Noting where different bars are will make it a lot easier to navigate when you’re not quite as sober! When you’ve had your fill of Kavos’ vibrant nightlife, consider trying out some of the local activities, such as quad biking and various watersports.

Kavos nightlife FAQs

  1. What are the age restrictions for clubs in Kavos?

    In Kavos, you have to be 18 or over to enter nightclubs, just like in the rest of Greece.

  2. What are the most popular events in Kavos?

    Some of the most popular events in Kavos include booze cruises, paint parties, foam parties and performances from special guest DJs.

  3. How lively is Kavos?

    Kavos is very lively – that’s why people go! It’s known for its energetic nightlife, with clubbers often still out on the streets when the sun rises.

  4. How much do drinks cost in Kavos?

    Drinks in Kavos tend to be cheaper than in the UK but not quite cheap enough to not have to watch your wallet. Generally speaking, a spirit mixer might cost around €5, while a bottle of beer is usually around €3-4.

We hope you enjoyed the ultimate nightlife guide and find it easier to navigate the resort finding the best events, the best nightclubs and the best food!