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This statement applies to everybody visiting www.SummerTakeover.com (which we’ll refer to as “the Website”), whether you happen to be a registered user or just casually dropping by. If you are looking for the terms and conditions that govern the purchase of our services (namely, the provision of long-stay vacations and overseas holiday job support), these are not they. You can find our Standard Terms and Conditions here.

Your use of our Website is subject to these Terms of Use. If you don’t consider them to be acceptable, you must exit the Website immediately. If you stay, you accept these Terms of Use by implication and they are binding upon you.

This Website contains a lot of ‘intellectual property’. Intellectual property is the term used to describe things that can be owned and controlled but are not tangible. In the case of this Website, we’re chiefly referring to copyright, but there are also trade marks in abundance and there might be some design rights too.

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