Posted on May 13, 2020

Why you should work a summer abroad at least once

Here at Summer Takeover, we think that all young people should try working a summer abroad for at least one season. It’s an amazing experience that can open so many doors of opportunity for you. Many of our guests have loved their first season so much, they have come back for another one. Still on the fence? Here are some reasons why you should choose a working holiday with Summer Takeover:

Make New Friends

If you’re a ‘life and soul of the party’ type of person who loves to meet new people, then a working holiday abroad is a piece of cake – why wouldn’t you sign up? Meet new, fun, like-minded people every day to party with and make memories that will last forever. 

We make sure that our working holidays are also suitable for people who are a little bit more on the shy side. If you’re looking to come out of your shell and make more friends, our reps will make sure you’re always involved, and bar or club work means you meet new people all the time with no hard work required.

Get Some Work Experience

Fresh out of school, college or university? Sometimes looking for jobs with no experience under your belt can seem impossible – how are you supposed to get experience if every job demands that you already have some?! Most Summer Takeover jobs don’t require experience. Jobs like bar or restaurant work will include training and you’ll soon learn much more on the job as you go.

After the summer of a lifetime, you can return home with some work experience to put on your CV, making finding jobs at home much easier.


Possibly the most obvious incentive! Many of our guests are travelling before starting university or an exciting new career. Working a season abroad lets you blow off some steam and have the party of a lifetime before starting your new path, whether it’s in work or education.

We also have guests who want a break from their current jobs, are looking for a change in career path, or just want to party! Whatever your background or situation, all we ask of our guests is that they have a good work ethic and a love of partying! You’re sure to have an epic time partying the summer away.


Sometimes it can seem like saving to travel is impossible. With a working holiday, you can earn money while you’re there – sounds perfect, right? See the sights of whichever of our amazing destinations you choose and earn some cash while you’re at it.

Each of our destinations has stunning scenery, as well as epic nightlife. Explore amazing Greek islands or stunning sunny shores without the gruelling months of penny pinching beforehand.

Learn New Skills

With Summer Takeover, you don’t board your flight home with just a hangover and empty pockets. Each of the jobs available at our resorts offers a specific set of skills which you will take home with you. Whether that’s pouring four drinks at once, stacking plates on your arms, or learning how to manage customers, each one is valuable!

Gain Confidence

Choosing to travel alone can be a big step but it is honestly a rewarding one. Working a summer abroad by yourself can feel daunting but our reps will make it easier for you. They will ensure you meet like-minded people and get a job you enjoy.

You can also start the friend-making process before you even step on the plane. Our social media platform Summersphere lets you meet people who will be heading out at the same time as you, giving you the baby steps you might need to make new friends. Spending a summer working and meeting new people will surely boost your confidence levels and you could come home feeling like a totally brand new person.

Feeling persuaded? We are now taking applications for summer 2021 so sign up today!