Posted on February 3, 2023

For us, the reasons to work abroad instead of a Summer in the UK are glaringly obvious; it’s uh-mazing.  That’s easy for us to say as we’ve been there, done that, many many times now.  If you haven’t considered working a season before, you’ll not know quite how incredible the experience is (although if you have friends that have been, you’ll probably have a fair idea).  

Let us guide you through thew reasons your gap year will be better spent working a season abroad.

The Beaches Are Better

Beaches abroad

For some reason, especially when compared to a Cafe Mambo special, our sunsets are shades of pink, blue and grey rather than your typical soul-warming orange.  Almost as pretty, but definitely much colder.  You’ll find plenty of people dotted around Ibiza enjoying a beautiful evening with a beverage or two, but in the UK that’s a good criteria to spot an alcoholic – our sunsets aren’t exactly worth toasting.  Half the time you can’t even see the sun as it’s so overcast…

Walking through warm sand in just a bikini > having a quick splash in the sea with your jeans rolled up round your ankles because it’s too cold to loose any layers.

The Tans Are Real

Get a tan

Why spend a summer clocking up hours on a sun-bed to look like you’ve been on abroad, when you could actually go abroad?  A nine minute holiday won’t ever compare to the real thing, and if you’re looking all sexy and golden you’re probably gonna want to be showing it off in an exotic super-club rather than the local pub.

In a world of contouring, lip plumping, and hair extensions, at least make your tan be legit.  Don’t even get us started on the tangerine glow that a bottle can provide – we ain’t about that life…

The Drinks Are Cheaper

Cheaper drinks

If you’re on a budget, the basics range abroad will be much kinder to your wallet than the bottom shelf stuff at home.  You haven’t really been away if you haven’t completely lost your voice to the Rushkinoff cough, I had to try and conduct an entire holiday romance using made up sign language, thanks to loosing my voice for a week.  Just like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, now I think back on it.

The beauty of these resorts is pre-drinks combined with on-strip drinks deals equals a great night without devastating your funds.  It’s a simple existence out there, all you have to worry about is what to eat when you’re hungry, and what to drink when you want to get loose.  Oh, and showing up for your shifts.  But they’re a doddle.

There’s More to Do

Zoo Project

When you’re out at one of our resorts you’ll not be stuck for activities nor adventures, and can find yourself doing all sorts of things on any given day.  Paddle boarding, renting open top cars, exploring secret coves; the opportunities are pretty endless.  You could do something different every day of the summer (if your hangover and budget allows).

At home?  Plenty of things to do.  Plenty that you’ve been doing year in, year out, for all the summers preceding this one.  Don’t get me wrong, taking the pup on a leisurely stroll down a sunny marina is a great shout, but it’s not quite paddle-boarding, is it?

The Faces are New

Foam Party My Takeover Moment

 When we ask our workers what their favourite part of working a season abroad is, a pretty common denominator is the people they met along the way.  It’s clichéd but it’s true, your little Summer Takeover crew will become family and the season will be amazing as a result.

Back at home?  Same drama different year really.  Navigating the politics of who’s fallen out with who to arrange a party is an absolute chore, quiet drinks out can end with steely glares and drunken crying – escape it now.

If the beaches, the tan lines and the budget friendly prices aren’t enough to tempt you, we don’t really know what will.  It’s pretty obvious that a summer abroad is what you need for an amazing summer, why wait any longer?  With limited availability across all resorts, act fast to secure your place!  We’ll see you on the beach…

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