Posted on May 13, 2020

Although most people choose to work a summer abroad for the partying (and rightly so), you need a way to fund your amazing adventure. There are a range of different jobs to choose from for your working holiday abroad, with positions for all types of personalities.

Here are some of the great ways to earn money working abroad.

Bar work

Bar Work

This is probably the most obvious and most popular job at any of our destinations. As party cities, people who serve drinks are always in demand! Doing bar work abroad is easy and you don’t always need experience.

Another worker will usually train you on the bar’s deals and speciality cocktails before your first shift so there’s nothing to be nervous about. All you need is a good attitude and a friendly face and you’ll be making extra cash tips on top of your wage.

Restaurant work

Restaurant Work

If you like to keep your work life and your party life separate, then restaurant work is the job for you. Working in a restaurant has a more chilled out vibe than working on the strip in peak party hours and this way, you always have your nights off! It’s a very sociable job, giving you the chance to talk to customers (and work your charm for extra tips!) Depending on the restaurant, bonuses could include a free meal with every shift.

club and PR work

Club/PR Work

Do you have the gift of the gab? If you’re chatty, friendly and persuasive, then PR work is the one for you. You’ll spend your shifts out on the strip in the balmy summer evenings, chatting to revellers and convincing them that yours is the club to go to. Selling the perks of the club (usually the amazing drinks deals) is how you’ll earn your party fund. A fair wage is given but you can bump it up with your commission!

Shot Selling

Shot Selling

Are you that friend who always comes back from the bar with a tray of shots? Then there couldn’t be a more perfect job for you than shot selling. Make sure your fellow party guests have enough to drink and are having a great time. Think of it this way – you’re literally getting paid to party! You’ll get free drinks and can spend your night meeting new people and making new friends.



If you have dance experience then this one is a no brainer. Spend your shifts dancing (as you would anyway) and get paid for it! You could be dancing on podiums, bars or stages – perfect for those who just love all eyes on them. You’ll also get free drinks to keep you going throughout the night.

Skilled Work

What do we mean by skilled worker? There is all sorts of skilled work in demand at our resorts, just waiting for the perfect person to take the job. A popular job is body painting – giving all the party goers that perfect Coachella look – but you need to have a creative flair. Different performers are also needed, such as fire breathers – experience definitely necessary for this one! Other jobs are available to work abroad, so if you feel like you have a skill needed for the party atmosphere, just let us know.

Holiday Rep


Are you always the life and soul of the party? The one who always gets everyone out? If the answer is yes, then you could be the perfect holiday rep. You’ll be the one getting the party started and getting everyone going. But it’s not all glitz and glamour – you need to be a support system for your guests, ready to take any questions they have. So a level head and the ability to work under pressure go a long way.

VIP Hostess

VIP Host

Like the sound of being a VIP? As a VIP host, you’ll be working at some of the best parties of the season, making sure everyone has the best time. From selling balloons to just keeping the party atmosphere up, you’ll be getting paid to party. Being a VIP host is a great way to get guaranteed pay whilst still living the party lifestyle.



Do you know the tunes people love to hear when they’re partying? The perfect mix of up to date hits and classic dance bangers? If you have experience DJing, you could be playing in some of the best and most notorious bars and clubs across our destinations. The most important thing is to keep the party going!

If any of these jobs sounds right up your street, apply online with us today to book your working holiday for this Summer.