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What does Ticket Selling in Marbella involve?

Working as a ticket seller in Marbella involves a lot of interaction with customers. You need to be able to provide information about the events and attractions in the area, as well as make a sales pitch for boat trips, club nights and other activities. It's also important to be able to deal with difficult customers and handle any complaints. Overall, it's a great job for someone who loves working with people and enjoys the fast-paced environment of a party resort.

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Ticket sellers in Marbella typically earn a commission on each ticket sold. The amount of the commission varies depending on the event and the venue, but it is typically around 10%. So, if a ticket seller sells 100 tickets for an event at 10 Euros each, they would earn 10 Euros in commission.


The appeal of this role is that it's flexible. You could put in as many hours and get an early finish or enjoy some much-needed rest time! The more you work, though means greater earning potentials too - just watch out for those burnout periods when things slow down at the beginning/end of each month.

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