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What does Holiday Repping in Malia involve?

The holiday rep's job is to make sure that guests are happy at all times. Reps might be faced with any questions or issues, but they should strive for excellent customer service and help ensure every guest has a great time abroad before flying home again! This role will develop skills in your future career as well as enable you meet lots of new people from all walks-of life during this summer adventure.

Meeting New



Sociable and
Friendly Scene


You may be surprised to learn that the average pay for holiday reps can vary greatly depending on your employer. Some will cover accommodation, food and other expenses while others just offer a standard basic wage with opportunities at additional earnings through commission rates on sales of excursions or events.


As a representative of the resort, your days are often filled with shift work. Typically you'll spend 8 hours in regular job tasks, and then take on extra shifts when needed at airports or other peripheral locations throughout town.

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