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What does bar work in Malia involve?

Malia is a party town and bar staff are needed to make sure drinks flow freely for all those celebrating. You don’t need any experience; what you do want in your favour though, as with anything else worth having or doing-is enthusiasm! A warm personality will win over customers fast who would otherwise go elsewhere due lack of service speed from other places' bartenders (and trust us - there's always room at the table). In return this means getting up every day feeling great about yourself because not only did YOU work hard but also helped others have fun while doing so too!

Free Drinks
All Night

New People

Amazing Party

Extra Cash


The average salary for a bar staff member is 40-50 euros per shift. It all depends on your employer, but the trend seems to be upwards!


Hours will vary depending on the venue, but expect shifts between 4-8 hours per day.

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