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What does Holiday Repping in Kavos involve?

The role of a holiday rep can be really varied, at times fun & others hard work. Guests will come to you with any questions or issues they may have whilst on their holiday. As you are representing the travel company or hotel you need to offer excellent customer service and help ensure holiday makers have a great time and fly home with a smile on their face. A great role to develop skills for your future career and an easy way to meet lots of people on your summer adventure.

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Sociable and
Friendly Scene


Pay can really vary with this role, as some employers will cover cost of accommodation, food etc. Expect a regular basic wage, with the opportunity to earn extra commission on sales of things like excursions, events and car rental.


The demand of a holiday resort means shift work is the norm for a Rep. Typically 8 hour days over split shifts, but with things like airport runs sometimes this can be longer.

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