Posted on November 4, 2016

In our Spotlight On… series we explore all elements of island life.  With five resorts in the mix that means we’ve had to do a lot of research, luckily (or unluckily) we’ve had a fair few hangovers between us.  We’ve collated the research and now we’re ready to present our findings…

Ibiza: Ibiza Rocks Bar

These guys are liberal with cheese and the menu is basically carby goodness with a bit of grease for good measure.  FYI – we’re sweet potato chip whores here, so scoring may have been slightly skewed by this.

You won’t look out of place if you roll in here with evidence of body paint from Zoo Project still streaked down your arm – in my experience staff will be extremely sympathetic to your delicate state.

Make the most of your Summer Takeover workers discount here!

Where?  San Antonio beachfront

Make sure to try: Passion fruit sangria

Magaluf: Tom Brown’s

In true Brit’s on holiday mode we like to completely ignore all the Spanish delights and go for something that we’d get at home.  Don’t ask me why, it’s a phenomena that on principle I’m 100% against but in reality it’s not long before I’m so fragile that nothing but a Sunday dinner will cure me.

Want a greasy fry up that a builder would approve of?  A Sunday dinner with gravy that reminds you more of your dad’s favourite chip shop than a Spanish bistro?  Well walk this way my friend, because Tom Brown’s has you covered.

Where?  Close to Nikki Beach

Make sure to try: Hash browns.  I would have eaten an entire bowl of these if I was allowed!

Zante: Cool Peppers

This is the first place we visit when we touch down in Zante!  The food is amazing, and if you’re after a Summer Takeover Top Tip, here it is: Eat during the day and you’ll get your sun bed for free.  That’s right kids, you heard it here first.  Feast like a king, then sprawl out and soak up the sun.

Munch down on a variety of dishes whilst you look out over the beach, grab a daiquiri if you’re feeling up to it (hair of the dog).  We’d definitely recommend this for an evening meal with your new working abroad family as well!  Be sure to schedule it so you can watch the sun setting – perfect.

Where?  Along Laganas beach

Make sure to try: The bruschetta.  Carbs and cheese are well and truly the way to my heart.

Ayia Napa: Gary’s Bar and Grill

Gary’s is a favourite because not only is it easy on your wallet, they’re also very generous with the chips.  With more to offer than your average greasy spoon (I would recommend the healthy options if you’re not feeling too rough), this one’s a crowd pleaser.

Visitors to Gary’s Bar and Grill rant and rave about the huge portion sizes and low prices.  This is a great place to go if you spent all your euros on tequila last night and need to make a meal stretch until you get paid that evening (we’ve all been there!)

Where?  Nissi Beach

Make sure to try: Call me crazy but I loved the fruit platters!  They’re so pretty as well…

Kavos: The Drunken Squid

This place does massive portions so make sure you’re prepared!  Not only does this restaurant do fantastic grub, they usually have entertainment in the evenings such as live singers or magicians.

Another Summer Takeover top tip: look out for PRs on the strip handing out discount vouchers – these can be as much as 15% off your entire bill.  They’ll happily box up your leftovers for later, absolutely ideal having a little box of deliciousness waiting for you after a wild night on the strip.

Where?  Ask a rep by the beach!

Make sure to try: The onion rings – these bad boys haunt our dreams in diet season.

Has this piqued your appetite for a Summer Takeover adventure?  We are still taking applications for Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Kavos and Zante, click here to apply!


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