Posted on August 14, 2016

Well, that’s another journey around the sun under our belt, and in Summer Takeover HQ we’re reflecting on 2017.  It’s been an amazing year for us, and we’ve helped loads of crew make some amazing memories in our sunny destinations.  Here’s why you should make 2018 your year…

Let’s face it, Summer 2017 back home was nothing special

I’d imagine summers spent working in the UK are a slightly more temperate version of Winters in the UK – fortunately I haven’t had to experience this since a retail job in 2011, as I’ve been out doing seasons from the tender age of 18.  During the winter I moan about the weather, the heat of our office, my sad desk lunch, the traffic on the way in, the traffic on the way home, the working hours, the apprentice, the lack of sunshine, my deathly pallor as a result of the lack of sunshine, the list goes on.

Let’s face it, the UK weather isn’t going to compare to any of our Summer Takeover resorts, even in the height of summer.  That’s two full days of sunshine, if you’re lucky.  When the highlight of your day features a Tesco meal deal, and the highlight of a Friday is a #TeamNandos, the weeks will begin to merge into one long grey sludge of an existence.


When you’re doing a season, the days will still blur together, but this time they’ll be vibrant and exiting.  Nights will buzz, heavy with potential of what’s to come.  It’s pretty impossible to feel glum when you’ve got a brilliant sun beaming down on you, maybe it’s the vitamin D, maybe it’s being able to live in a bikini all day.  It’s hard to pinpoint what makes working abroad so special, but guaranteed it’ll smash a summer at home out of the park.

You aren’t getting any younger

One morning you’ll waken up and realise that grown up life has snuck up on you.  This happened to me the other day.  For some reason since leaving uni I’ve felt like everything that’s going on in my bank account is pretend, and at some point someone will realise that they’ve given a child a salary, a bank account and multiple direct debits completely by accident.  Unfortunately for me this is all very, very real.  I have been standing on my own two feet as a real life grown up person for quite a while now, and nobody can tell me what to do.  This is an extremely disconcerting feeling.

If you’ve been thinking about doing a season for a while now, what’s stopping you?  There is no such thing as the perfect time, the universe won’t thank you for waiting about.  Get it booked my friend, life will fit in around it.  You never know, this could be the thing that takes you in the direction you need to be going…


Want to intensify your summer, so when you look back you see a blur of brilliant colour, happy sun-kissed faces and once in a lifetime experiences?  Of course you do!  It’s true what they say, travel is the only thing you can buy that’ll make you richer.  Time to live your life to the fullest…

It’ll change you for the better

Every experience you have shapes you as a person.  If I think back to my 17 year old self, I’m pretty much a completely different human.  I attribute most of my confidence to working seasons abroad (and moving away from home for university, of course).  Our workers head off to a sunny resort and don’t look back, they are forced out of their comfort zones and flourish as a result.  It’s amazing seeing the difference, from speaking to someone when they are initially enquiring to receiving a phone call the following year when they’re booking their second, third or fourth season.


Realistically, you aren’t going to learn something new doing the same thing you’ve always been doing.  Held down a steady retail job for a couple of years?  Got an office job that seems downright grey?  It’s not exciting or exhilarating, if there was any incentive to do it is because it’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s the life you’ve always known.  This is the grown up equivalent of staying in primary school because big school seemed a little too big for your liking.  Looking back, it was a walk in the park really…

Working abroad will literally rip you out of your comfort zone.  Sound scary?  It shouldn’t, it’s an amazing prospect and you’ll look back in years to come and thank yourself.  As many ‘inspirational’ Instagrammers have said before me, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Total freedom

If you haven’t experienced living away from home before, this will probably blow your mind a little bit.  When I moved out my mother all but gave up on me – gone were the days of texting her to let her know I was thinking about going out this weekend, even though *gasp* I’d been out last weekend, and praying that she wouldn’t kick off.  Every couple of days I would drop her a message to let her know that I was a) still alive and b) had enough money, occasionally accompanied with the odd snap of me having a great time.  Bearing in mind this was before the days of free wifi everywhere, so my £20 phone top-ups were being absolutely hammered to reassure her that I was managing to survive.


When you’re out on the resort – you have nobody to answer to but yourself.  With the exception of making sure you turn up for work, you have a freedom like never before.  Lounge sleepily by a pool until late afternoon?  Be my guest.  Eat nothing but Lays and Haribo for an entire week?  Completely up to you.  Go out on a mad one after work, five nights in a row?  You won’t be the first, and you’ll certainly not be the last.

 A summer of possibilities is sprawling before you, the question isn’t whether or not you’re going to go for it, it’s ‘which resort?’

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