Posted on January 26, 2017

You may have noticed the nights are getting lighter, and for us at Summer Takeover that means one thing: The Countdown to Summer has officially begun!

It’s 12 weeks until our first batch of workers jet off to Zante – considering the rate that we’re storming through January this’ll be round in a blink.

A lot can be accomplished in this short space of time – remaining balances will be paid, extra shifts picked up for spending money, hours put in at the gym all the name of #SummerBod2017.  The busier you are, the quicker the time will go by, and believe us when we say it’ll be worth the wait…

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.16.22

From the moment you set foot in the airport you’re officially off duty from normal life.  Position yourself near a gate information screen and grab a beverage, it’s time for a toast – here’s to the summer of your life!  Just try and wipe the smile off your face when you’re queuing up to board, if you’re anything like us you’ll not be able to stay still with the sheer excitement.

We’ve been dreaming of the bright lights of Ushuaia, the beautiful scenery of Shipwreck cove, crazy after parties at Pambos, wild UV paint parties at Futures and the downright massive drinks towers of BCM square since we touched down in the UK after an amazing 2016.  Marking off the days in our calendar is keeping us sane, but nothing’s been better for morale than the change in the evenings.  The days are beginning to stretch out just like the amazing summer will – and we can’t wait!

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.19.09

Temperatures at home might still be downright baltic, but not to fret.  Before long you’ll be feeling shortchanged if you’re getting anything lower than 20 degrees each day, meaning the tans will be looking on point in no time.  If the winter hoodie rotation is starting to feel monotonous, and you’ve exhausted the amount of “I Love Winter 😍” Snapchats you can post, it’s definitely time to look to the warmer months.

For some, the wait is longer.  Our final batch of workers head off in 25 weeks time – the last chance to work abroad with Summer Takeover.  Whether you’re waiting for exams to finish, just want to get stuck in when it’s peak season, or have other commitments in the earlier months, we can’t wait to see you out there.  The beauty of going out later means you have more time to save up some spending money – if you’re planning on going extra wild when you’re out there we don’t blame you at all…

There’s so much to look forward to, with crazy boat parties, epic club nights and amazing sunsets all ahead of us.  That thought is more heart-warming than a hot chocolate or mulled cider ever will be – we can’t wait until Winter is behind us!

Consider the lighter evenings the beginning of the bright lights to your Summer Takeover working holiday, get ready to #LiveTheDream…

If you haven’t applied yet, be quick.  Available dates are now limited, act fast to secure your space – and get ready for a Summer to remember.


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