Posted on October 24, 2016

How to Survive the Winter

Have you noticed that leaving bed is already more difficult?  Five minutes of stretching out like a cat under the blankets, praying that someone else has put the kettle on.  My mother has sent me my yearly supply of thermal underwear (I shit you not, that’s still a thing, even in 2017), a delightful long-sleeved long-legged extra-insulated bright teal ensemble from M&S.  At first glance, you probably wouldn’t be able to imagine that under my clothes I look like a turquoise slug, but I can assure you that I do.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are some elements that I’m particularly fond of.  At risk of sounding Basic AF, I’m all about a S’bucks Toffee Nut latte.  And a wooly hat with fluffy bobble.  Of course, getting accidentally-on-purpose-rather-drunk on mulled wine is always a winner.  It’s just so seasonal, you know.  It’s important to cling onto these highlights, I’m not saying that it makes the my-nipples-could-literally-cut-glass moments worth it, but it’ll definitely help you out.  I’m getting on a bit now, and over the years I’ve developed a few contingency plans to get me through the winter blues…

My Winter Mantra, as follows;

1. Embrace it.


Channel your inner Elsa, and let it go.  Summer is behind us, if you don’t come to terms with this sooner or later you’ll end up with frostbite.   Dig out the jumpers, layer up, and if your mum sends you thermals just suck it up and wear them.

2. Look after yourself.


Not to sound like a peppy American cross-fitter, but summer bodies probably are made in the winter.  Also the kitchen, so go easy on the carbs when you’re comfort eating (Repeat; I am not a bear, I am not a bear, I do not need to store food on my body for winter).  As much as the darker nights aren’t conducive to gym motivation, this is a great use of your time.  It won’t be that long until your laying on a beach with a hangover, better to do this with abs than flabs, no?

3. Step up the beauty regime!


The cold weather is harsher than you think.  I’ll be purchasing a nice thick moisturiser and stocking up on lip balm, and it’s likely there’ll be a few hot oil masks for my hair thrown into the mix.  I know, it’s so much easier in the summer when all you need is salt spray and aftersun…

4. Build a snowman.


We are forecasted for quite a bit of snow this year (aren’t we always).  You might as well let your inner child run free and legit build a snowman.  This is a great opportunity to gather your friends for some festive bonding, be sure to remind them that you’ll be working abroad in 2018 whilst they’re enjoying their five days of supposed UK summer.

5. Defend against the lurgy.


If anyone has any fool proof methods of how to defend against the dreaded cold/flu, slide in those DMs.  According to the wise old owls of my family you just need to get a lot of garlic in you – which means if I find myself feeling under the weather I go on a garlic bread rampage.  What was that about abs again?

6. Remind yourself…


It’s easy to forget, especially with all this chat of doom and gloom, that you’re going to be having the summer of your life.  The winter blues may be especially hard this time next year, but the highs are worth the lows (take it from someone that’s been doing this for a while).  If you need to write a few post it notes to yourself, do it.

7. If you haven’t already, start a countdown!


The countdown begins for our first bunch of workers jetting off.  Believe me – that will absolutely fly in…  Many Summer Takeover crew members have started counting down the Mondays, it’s a great method to boost morale, knowing you’re one day closer to that plane!

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