Posted on October 25, 2016

Fancy yourself as a bit of an adventurer…?  Here’s why Ayia Napa is your Summer Takeover 2018 destination;

The Clubs


The clubs are big.  So if you’re an ‘adventurer’ that likes to escape your mates and go off on a wonder, this is going to be the stuff of dreams for you.  There’s a great variety of genres available to suit all tastes – everyone’s a winner.

The Midnight Feasts


I could wax lyrical about cypriot cuisine, but any Napa veterans will know exactly how good the scran is at Mr Jacket.  Go for the chicken gyros, stay for the pure banter.  Even Chipmunk has been here for a late night crunchy chicken!

The Heat


Ayia Napa is by far our hottest resort.  If you like getting hot and sweaty you’ll feel right at home, you can parade up and down the strip with your gorgeous mediterranean tan and sunkissed hair.  With the average high temperature in August at a rather tropical 32 degrees, you’ll need to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of ice lollies and cheeky seaside cocktails…

The Family


When you come to Napa with Summer Takeover you know you’re going to meet some friends for life.  Hard grafters that party even harder!  Being able to speak to fellow workers before you go is what makes our ST family so strong, make sure you’re getting to know everyone before you jet off to make sure it’s the summer of a lifetime.

The Activities


Take the plunge in Napa’s infamous WaterWorld!  Once you’re ready to venture off the beaten track there are lagoons, sea caves and hidden coves that you can explore until your heart is content (ST pro tip – bring some rum so you can feel like a legit pirate).

We are still taking applications for Ayia Napa but these won’t be around for much longer, time to kickstart your Summer…